My Chinese tea journey started the same way as so many others, with trying loose green tea that I bought from Chinatown in London. I have interesting memories of those days. My first reaction was that the tea was mild. I kept drinking it on a daily basis and a week later a new world opened itself to me. All the subtleness of the tea came about. All the hidden notes that I hadn’t noticed started to show. I am not sure if I realised straight away how transformative that experience was but it opened a new world to me. One of the things that I appreciate most about tea is the memories it leaves in us. I can still taste an amazing long jing that I had years ago with some chestnut notes, a high mountain Taiwanese wulong tea with an subtle coconut aroma, the wuyi wulong and its cacau notes. In the last few years I dedicated myself to pu’er. I remember having a pu’er session and realising the power of this wonderful tea. After the tea session I continued feeling the tea taste for hours and hours. I understood from that moment what Huigan (long lasting sweetness) meant to the Chinese people and it left a mark in me to the point that I decided to open this tea shop. That is the power of Gushu (ancient tea trees).

I decided to open Tea Encounter as a way of continuing this journey. We are based in Staffordshire in the United Kingdom with worldwide delivery. I hope our teas will also leave long lasting memories in you.


About Zheng Si Long: I saw a documentary about a Yiwu tea producer years ago. This was not a promotional video. Their brand name was not even mentioned. It impressed me so much that I decided to open this website and starting offering their products.

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