ZSL 2016 Mang Zhi Autumn


Man Zhi mountain is located to the southwest of Ge Deng mountain in the six famous tea mountains. Its tea shares some of the characteristics of Ge Deng. The mountain has an altitude of 1400 meters. It produces a smooth tea with an early sweetness and a pleasant aftertaste fragrance.

We wanted to offer a Yiwu tea with a more friendly price tag on it but with our preferred 400 grams proper size cake. We tried several Autumn teas from Zheng Si Long. This was our favourite. It displays the usual creaminess from ZSL Mang Zhi cakes but with very interesting floral notes. We were also happy with the thick body from this Gushu production. It’s ageing very well and the flowery-creamy aspect gives it a different and special profile from other Mang Zhi productions that we have on offer.

Needless to say of course but we are very happy to offer this Autumn Gushu production from Zheng Si Long.

  • 20g
  • 400g