Tea Encounter 2020 Guafengzhai Gushu


Guafengzhai is one of the most famous tea villages in Yiwu. It’s known for its sweetness, for being silky and smooth with a pleasant aftertaste.

This year’s Guafengzhai comes from Gushu (old treas) from Chaping area in Guafengzhai. We have a sweet spot for teas grown in remote forests. This has been our main focus with our collection this year and Chaping is just one of these special places.

As for the tea itself, it’s a very sweet multi-layered tea with a really enjoyable body feel. A really dynamic and complex tea and utterly delicious that can be brewed many many times. We are very fortunate to be able to offer such a tea.

This is a first spring flush of 2020.

  • 200g
  • 20g