ZSL 2017 Wan Gong


One of the most popular Yiwu teas is produced in Wan Gong Zhai village in the six famous tea mountains. It’s a quite remote area in Yiwu with very limited tea production and one of the most premium tea areas in Yiwu.

The 2017 Wan Gong is a sweet, velvety tea. The sweetness borders caramel and saccharin sweetness. it’s a multifaceted tea, with green pear cooling aftertaste, flowers and caramel sweetness. Quite a dynamic tea from brew to brew. It’s a tea better enjoyed in a focused and long lasting session. It can easily be brewed and enjoy its lingering sweetness for hours and hours. It is an expensive tea an therefore we would recommend our customers to buy a sample before committing to a full cake. Having said that, we really like it.


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