ZSL 2016 Ge Deng


A sweet tea with a peach/pear cooling aftertaste. It also has a nice caramel-like flavour, perhaps due to its thick texture and sweetness. I really like the fact that this tea has more than one facet. The mouthfeel is a really enjoyable sweet experience and then the aftertaste brings out yet different flavours. After drinking this tea for 3 days in a row and trying to find the best way to describe it, I reached a conclusion:

I rather like Ge Dengs!

Ge Deng Mountain lies within the six famous tea mountains. It borders Yibang, Mang Zhi and Man Zhuan. The tea is grown at an altitude of 1300 meters. Ge Deng tea is famous for its smoothness, its sweet aftertaste and powerful Qi.

This is a Spring tea made from ancient tea trees (Gushu). We are very happy to offer this tea.

About Zheng Si Long: I saw a documentary about a Yiwu tea producer years ago. This was not a promotional video. Their brand name was not even mentioned. It impressed me so much that I decided to open this website and starting offering their products.