ZSL 2018 Ge Deng


When we received our 2018 Ge Deng, we tried it and thought it was exceptional. We attempted to order some more from Zheng Si Long but always found reluctance in them to supply us more.

After one year of insistence ZSL agreed to provide us another 2 tongs.

Now that’s the background story but indeed it’s just a story. Let’s talk about the tea.

It’s a sweet tea that somehow always puts a smile on my face (happy Qi?) I would recommend this tea for long lasting sessions where you have time to pause between brews (if you can resist) and enjoy the green pear huigan it brings. By doing that the huigan itself will change displaying a multi-faceted array of tastes and aromas. This tea is sweet, smooth, pure with a strong Qi and with quite an amazing huigan,

  • 20g
  • 400g