ZSL 2020 Autumn Yibang Mi Bu


Yibang is located in the six famous tea mountains in the northernmost area of Mengla Town, consists of 19 villages with an area of 360km² and an altitude spaning from 600m to 1900m. Yibang Gushu tea has small to medium tea leaves, little bitterness, some astringency, quick aftertaste, unique fragrance and subtle honey taste. 

This is a Gushu (old tea tree) autumn tea from Mi Bu village. The 6 famous tea mountains produce some of the sweetest teas in Yunnan. Yibang teas with their small and medium leave varietal growing in this unique ecosystem produce something trully special. The result is a tea that you can age but don’t have to. It’s a great tea to drink now. Sweet and with a lovely aftertaste.